Sponsorship Options

You have two categories of sponsorships to choose from, depending on the type of presence you wish to create. Sponsor packages include admission tickets comparable to sponsorship level, a feature that enables you to comp admission to your most valued relationships.

  • Corporate/Community Sponsors purchase a package of tickets corresponding to their level of sponsorship and are recognized at their various sponsorship levels.
  • Event Partner Sponsors subscribe to underwrite a specific expense of the event, like Music & Staging, VIP Zone, Kids Zone, Ale Alley, Blessed Relief Stations (outdoor restrooms), and so forth. The sponsor level is directly tied to the estimated cost of the event feature.
  • In-Kind Sponsors provide services in lieu of monetary contributions.
  • The Company Picnic Package is a unique way to enjoy the Feast of Saint Arnold beer festival with employees, customers, friends and/or family.

Downloadable Sponsor Information Packets