FAQ – Pilgrimage of Pints

Frequently Asked Questions About the Pilgrimage of Pints

What Time is the Event?
The 2016 Pilgrimage of Pints was a resounding success for both the brewers and for pilgrims! Yes, we are arranging another pilgrimage tour for 2017, so check back for news and dates for this self-conducted tour of breweries.

How do I get started? What do I do?
Visit each participating brewery during the event. At the first brewery of your choice, order their Arnold’s brew and ask for the Pilgrimage postcard and the brewer’s sticker. Affix their sticker to your postcard in the designated circle, enjoy your brew, do the same at each of the breweries, mail the card by the cutoff date, and wait to be notified about winning the VIP upgrade. Good luck. Please drink responsibly. After all, you will have more than a month to get in all the destinations.

Do I have to affix all stickers to my postcard in order to be entered into the VIP upgrade drawing?
Yes, the fun is in visiting all of them.

What if I don’t mail my postcard in time?
You just won’t be entered into the drawing for the VIP upgrade, that’s all, simply because we won’t have had time to make sure we can get your postcard into the hopper for the drawing. However, you can bring your completed card, with all stickers duly affixed, to the Feast of Saint Arnold to claim your Two-For-One regular price admission.

Do you mean that a completed postcard gets me a free regular admission ticket when I present it at the festival entry when I buy a ticket for myself?

That’s a great deal! How many Two-For-One regular admission ticket purchases can I make with a single postcard?
This deal is good for no more than one pair of tickets. It is, after all, a great deal.

Do I need all stickers affixed to my postcard to claim that Two-For-One regular admission deal?
Yep. Visit all the destinations, let them know how much you like their brew and that you appreciate their support for The Feast of Saint Arnold. They all want to hear from you.

OK, but how do I claim that Two-For-One regular admission deal if I’ve already sent my postcard in by the due date?
No problem. We’ll have your ticket pairs waiting for you to purchase at the festival gate. Saint Arnold knows his beer, but we’ve got a contemporary ticketing guru.

If I present a fully filled in postcard, can I get just one ticket at half price?
Sorry, no. This great deal is only for ticket pairs, one to a customer. It’s for Westside Cares, after all, so pay it forward and have a great time.